Services Offered

Acute care

Colds, allergies, UTI, joint pain, sprains, fractures and more

Chronic Care

Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Thyroid, Depression and more

Preventive Care (Physicals)

Head-to-toe exam, review and ordering of pertinent preventive services (mammogram, colonoscopy, screening labs, vaccines, healthy lifestyle behaviors)

Minor procedures

Joint injections, trigger point injections, ingrown toenail removal, cyst drainage and/or excision, foreign body removal

Skin lump and bump treatment

Biopsy and/or removal of suspicious skin moles, skin tag removal, wart removal


For screening, preoperative exams or cardiac workup


Cardiac ultrasound testing

Pulmonary Function Testing

Asthma evaluation and treatment planning


Most preventive childhood vaccines, teenage booster vaccines, and adult preventive vaccines

Cosmetic services

Chemical Skin Peels

Salicylic acid cosmetic skin peels to reduce appearance of fine lines, pigment spots and scars

Botox Injections

Injections into facial muscle groups to reduce/prevent appearance of lines and wrinkles

               Prior to your Botox procedure, please read and familiarize yourself with the patient education links below:

                                            Botox Patient Treatment Information

                                            Botox Safety Information

                                            Botox After- Treatment Information


Alamo Family Practice Services

At Alamo Family Practice we provide an array of services as medically indicated, necessary, or appropriate.

Alamo Family Practice

Prescription Refills

We have found that processing refills through your pharmacy is the most efficient and accurate method to refill prescriptions. We request that you contact your pharmacy first, and they will fax us the necessary information to refill your medicine.  No refills will be done after hours or on weekends except in cases of medical emergency.  Please allow 2 business days to process refill requests and 5 business days if a prior authorization is needed from your insurance.

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